Two Poems by Steven Dale Davison

COVID Protest by Cathy Shang


The Four Horsemen ride abroad,

at home in pain,

bloated, famished,

on our suffering besotted,

their needs never sated,

splashing through our blood

heedless of all good,

skeletal, sore afflicted,

to cries and swords addicted,

slicing the horizon of outrunning time

till screams flow in a stream,

                                                a river,

                                                              a flood

of anguish and despair,

hatred and greed devouring

all Earth’s handiwork

toward some coming hour

of darkness, an ocean

of heartless power,

                                and death

laughing in the lead.

In Dark Moon Time

In darkmoon time

the shadows eat shadows

and every thing

is thin and wailing.

Steven Dale Davison has published poems in more than a dozen journals. His hybrid book of poetry and images The Road to Continental Heart will be published in 2021. Written in both verse and prose, several of his plays have been produced. He has written both short and long fiction and has published a number of nonfiction essays and book chapters. Mr. Davison worked for twenty years as a journalist and professional writer in the private sector and was awarded a writing scholarship by Earlham School of Religion in Richmond, Indiana.

Cathy Shang is a sophomore in high school studying in Shanghai. She enjoys writing poetry, creating digital art, animation, experimenting with various other mediums such as watercolor and acrylic, as well as wheel throwing ceramics. She is very active in parliamentary debate, competing in competitions all around the world