Starting January 2022, Tatterhood Review will be undergoing a complete website overhaul, and will start publishing stories and poems in more of a proper digital issue format. However, you can find and read our earlier publications on this page.

What Your Birth Year Says About You by Sophia Bannister – Contest Winner

wanderlust by Alani Hicks-Bartlett – Contest Runner Up

In Cryosleep by Gregory Kimbrell

No Way to Survive Without Calling on the Oracle First by Kayla King

Like a Fly to an Open Door by Lauren Bolger

Icicle Woman by Nicole Beck

Man in the Woods by t.m thomson

Imprint by Victoria Nordlund

The Maiden and the Serpent Girls by Olivia Loccisano

Astral by Oliver Seneca

Three Poems by Dick Altman

At the Cyber Shop by Coleman Bomar

The Fae by Olivia Loccisano

Two Poems by Patricia J. Miranda

The Women of Pavlopetri by Federica Santini

Two Poems by Steven Dale Davison

“Guinevere” and “The Fisher King” by Alexandra Graffeo

Untitled Tower Sequence by Jacob Weil