Starting January 2022, Tatterhood Review will be undergoing a complete website overhaul, and will start publishing stories and poems in more of a proper digital issue format. However, you can find and read our earlier publications on this page.

The Moth Bride by Jess Richards – Contest Winner

The Wild by Chris Schacht – Contest Runner Up

Closure by Tristan Miller

Baby’s Breath by Gordon Smith

Small Spells by Jane Kim

Ragwort by Aditi Ramaswamy

The Muirgen Pearls by Molly Seeling

Transcend by Bibiana Ossai

The Shadowseeker by Madhurika Sankar

The Girl Who Tends to the Paper Forest by Couri Johnson

The Palm Reader by Ashleigh Rajala

The Frog Blessing by Aditi Ramaswamy

MCO (Airport Series #6) by Mickey Revenaugh

Gloria Valentine and Samson Power Hour by Sean Nishi

The Walnut Tree by Angelina Tutarkova

Last Damsel by Fannie Gray

Gordian Knot by Travis Flat

It’s Been a Pleasure Hacking You by Richard Weems